Keto & Dining Out – Featuring California Dreaming

Eating keto is easy to do with a few simple changes. California Dreaming is a lovely restaurant right on the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. It is known for their delicious croissants, but if you can stay away from that, it is easy to eat a keto meal here. 

On the day that I visited California Dreaming, I had my favorite standby keto meal – peal and eat shrimp. This is a choice you can get at many restaurants and keep to your diet, while also avoiding the side-eye looks from your dining companions. Just because you are keeping to a special diet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. 

One thing to keep in mind, while following the keto diet, is to make sure you get enough vitamin C. If you do not, you may find, over time, as I did, that you bruise or your hair may thin. An easy way to avoid this is to eat green, leafy veggies and do not forget the broccoli! California Dreaming has many wonderful salad options, and adding shrimp to your salad is a great way to round out your meal. Naturally, you will want to forgo croutons. 

Check out their menu here:

1 Ashley Point Dr
Charleston, SC 29407


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