Keto & Dining Out – Featuring Élevé

The Élevé bar and restaurant, is an upscale, but unpretentious place. The atmosphere is chic, but still infused with Southern charm. It is the perfect place to relax with friends or a date.

Last night, an impromptu girl’s night with no real agenda landed us here. Right now in Charleston, the Spoleto Festival is going on. As such, it was an art exhibition in the courtyard of the The Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston that caught our attention and ultimately led us upstairs to the restaurant.

I was not overly hungry, but I had been at the beach most of the day, so I needed a little bite for dinner. The Shrimp Provencal was the perfect solution (Click here for their menu)! It is made with lavender, fennel, thyme, oregano, garlic, pepper flakes, olive oil, and chardonnay. The shrimp was nicely sautéed in a rich butter, and had a slight hint of pepper flakes, to give it some character. Naturally, it was served with bread (crostini), but as usual, I shared that with my non-keto friend.

This is definitely a great place to visit, and as usual, with a couple of thoughtful choices, dining out in a keto-friendly manner is pretty simple!

Élevé Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge
Enjoy a memorable dining experience by visiting our hotel’s stylish rooftop restaurant, serving delicious French fare paired with superb Charleston views. The elegant yet casual restaurant also serves a delectable, Charleston-inspired brunch!

Open for lunch and dinner Dress code: Casual Phone: +1 843-724-4144

55 Wentworth St Charleston, SC 29401

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