Keto & Dining Out – Featuring Avondale Wine & Cheese

Avondale Wine and Cheese is an adorable little place in the Avondale area of West Ashley on Savannah Highway in Charleston, South Carolina. My first introduction to it was a couple of months ago, when my guy and I wandered past it when we were out one evening. We came back a couple of weeks later, and had a delicious meal. We have discovered a shared love for places like this.

Last night, a friend and co-worker suggested dinner and cocktails there. I happily accepted. The restaurant is small, but cozy. There is a nice, welcoming, classy feel about it. There are tables throughout where you can choose privacy or not. My friend and I sat at the bar.

Avondale Wine & Cheese menu allows for a choice of various meats and cheeses from around the world. They also feature local selections of cheeses. You can choose one or two items, or get a board with your favorites.

I was not overly hungry when we went, so I opted for the caprese salad (green tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a delicious pesto), salami, goat cheese with a hint of honey, and the triple creme brie with honey and pecans. They usually offer bread, but I asked them to hold that. Additionally, they included dried cherries and mango.

My friend’s dish was a bit more involved. She is not as strict with the Keto lifestyle. In addition to her meats and cheeses, she chose pickled beets and pickled watermelon rinds. It was surprisingly good! She also decided to forego the bread.


Eating Keto while dining out does not have to be a daunting experience. With a few tweaks to your choices, you can enjoy any restaurant. Avondale Wine and Cheese makes dining Keto easy and delicious!

Avondale Wine & Cheese

813 Savannah Hwy # B, Charleston, South Carolina, 843.769.5444

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