Keto & Dining Out – Featuring Accent on Wine

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in the Charleston, SC area is Accent on Wine. There are 2 locations: one at Park Circle in North Charleston, and one in Downtown Summerville.

This lovely little place was introduced to me by my darling boyfriend on our first date. It quickly became our regular haunt. I will admit, back at the beginning of my Keto Diet, I was not quite as adventuresome with my palate, so I usually let him make the choices. He has excellent taste and I trust him.

While Accent on Wine is essentially a wine bar, they offer these charming charcuterie boards. You can pick your choice of meat and cheese samplings (price is determined by # of choices, average about $20-40). The choices include smoked salmon, a variety of goat, brie, cheddar and specialty cheeses, grass-fed beef salami, and even pâté! I also love the pickled Brussel sprouts and tapenade.

These boards also include sliced French bread, green apple slices, almonds, walnuts, cranberries, mustard, pickled caperberries and even a date (the fruit – not your dinner companion). Since I follow a keto diet, but my guy does not, he eats the non-keto items, while I focus on the yummy meats and cheeses!

If you are ever in the Charleston, SC area, I highly recommend this place. The service is stellar, the atmosphere is welcoming and charming, the food is high-quality and delicious, and I’ve heard the wine is good, too! 😉

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