Dream Lover

Kandace Blevin http://www.countdowntofreedom.net
Do you know why magic is so difficult for people to perform? There’s one reason, really. Anyone is capable of creating magic. The problem is, people fear their own power. The moment you feel the hint of your own internal power, the power of the world around you, you realize that you will never be the same if you embrace it.

We have been conditioned to fear and deny our innate divinity. We know that if we embrace power, we will never be the same again. Many will pull back in fear. They may look, they may covet it, but they will never take the step. That is the only reason that some create magic and some don’t.
I have been working through my emotions since moving to South Carolina. Coming off of a break up from a long-term relationship, I had no idea what kind of damage had been done to my soul. After some time of hiding out and depression, I began dating again. I will never regret doing that. In addition to meeting some wonderful people, it has helped me realize just where I need to focus. It has helped to clarify my goals.
For all of the negative things that happened with my ex-lover, he was a man unafraid of his passions. He was as passionate about the kind of coffee he drank, as he was about sex. In all honesty, at times it was too much. At times, I had to hide out just to get some peace and quiet. I learned, though, that I enjoy that level of intensity. I feel alive when I am with someone like that. The problem is, not many people are comfortable with that level of fierce, ardent passion.
I am coming to realize, that I have a level of intensity that is frightening to some people. I want the kind of Grand Romance that shakes you to your very core. I want to lock myself up with my lover and make love compulsively for hours and hours and hours. I want to be so in tuned to him that there is no separation and he doesn’t need to speak a word. I just know. Then, when we are finally ready to emerge, I want a best friend and a partner in crime.
I have had men offer to keep me. As flattering as that is, a life of decorated captivity does not appeal to me. I am no acquisition to be placed on a shelf. I am a woman of flesh and blood that desires a love that melts me to my core and obliterates any memories of another.
Do I come on strong? Absolutely! If you can’t handle me in the very beginning, how in the world will you be able to handle me for life? Are you man enough to embrace your magic

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