Why Can’t I Feel Righteous Indignation?

People often say that if they just knew why something happened, it would be okay. Here’s the thing, that doesn’t solve everything. 

I have been blessed with the ability to understand most people that I come across. I just seem to understand their motivations and desires naturally. Having an empathetic nature makes me lean toward liberalism and a more forgiving nature. 

The problem comes in, when despite all of the motivations that drive you, you still mess up time and time again. My understanding and empathetic nature prevents me from expressing anger, disgust, and quite frankly, righteous indignation. I just feel like I’ve Seen It All Before. My response is never the appropriate one for the situation , and so my kindness is taken for weakness.

I envy the simplicity of people who react to everything that happens. It is fascinating. I feel like I’m channeling my inner-Spock. I think, at times, that anger can be useful. It’s not even like I am sitting on anger, refusing to express it. I just don’t feel it. I wonder what it will be that finally breaks through.

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