Moving On

It’s nearly 11 p.m. on Monday. I have an early appointment in the morning. I am within a week and a half of wrapping up in Fort Myers, and moving to my new life in Key Largo, Florida.

My mind has been going a million miles per minute since I decided that it was time to finally move. I have hung on 6 months past the time that I should have gone. I wanted to keep going, but it has become very apparent that my time here was done.
I look around this tiny apartment that I have called home for a couple of months now. There really is very little I need to move. I have been living a half life here and a half life there, and it is time to move on.
It is exciting to know that it is time to move. I’ve been waiting for a sign, and it finally has come. I can feel it to my bones. I felt it when I couldn’t quite bring myself to leave Key Largo this morning. I felt so at peace in the arms of my man this past weekend. I know that it is time to go.

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