Health Insurance Blues

Today my boss “forced” me to go to the Emergency Room for an abscess on my foot. You see, I live in SW FL, and we have some nasty little boogers out here. I didn’t know if I was bitten by a bug, had an ingrown hair, or a flesh-eating staph infection. All I know is that my foot went from being a size 7 to a 10 in the past couple of days.
The thing is, I don’t have insurance. In my old job, I had health insurance. Every year, I would receive my 2-3% salary increase at the same time I received my 20% health insurance premium increase. My last position that offered health insurance was kind enough to cover up to 60% of my premiums, but I would have to cover 100% for my family. In other words, I would not get a paycheck. I kindly declined their “generous” benefit. Finally, I had enough. I decided to study herbal medicine, scour the internet for home remedies, and treat myself.

I get it – honestly, I really get it. Businesses can’t afford to cover the ever increasing insurance premiums along with the taxes and my salary. I get it. What I don’t get is the lame-ass argument that government backed health insurance or government run health care is somehow sub-standard. Maybe it is, but what I know is that I just incurred a $400 bill for a doctor to look at my abscess, tell me I had a slight fever, and give me a prescription for antibiotics.You see, I had already been draining my sore, applying heat to draw out the pus, using Neosporin to heal the sore, and using ice to help the swelling. I think the lesson I learned today was simply that I should continue to do what I was doing all along.

I do not wish to denigrate doctors. I suppose they too are captives in this ridiculous game that we all play here in America. You know, it’s the one that advocates a free market, while victimizing the weakest of its citizens. When I don’t have insurance, I don’t care about long waits, treatment denied, or whether or not my favorite doctor is able to help me. All I want is to make sure my foot isn’t going to rot off from some exotic bacteria.Thanks to our “free market” I got that today…for $400.
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